Supporting the Purebred Dog Since 1954

Events & Community Activities

Part of our mission is to participate in activities in our local community to promote purebred dogs and responsible dog ownership.  The PRKC members participate in several programs each year to educate the public about the benefits of purebred dogs, their health and care as well as responsible dog ownership so that canine residents are welcome in our communities.  (see Other events and Community Activities for more information on the Canine Learning Experience, Canine Septemberfest, Dogs Do It All and more).

Canine Good Citizen testing is given at our shows and our Canine Septemberfest each year to reward owners for teaching their dogs good manners for behavior in public places.

Canine Learning Experience

The Penn Ridge Kennel Club participates each year in the Canine Learning Experience held the last weekend in January in Allentown. The PRKIC educational booth has been awarded numerous prizes on various educational themes.

The theme of the Canine Learning Experience changes each year. Past themes have included health, responsibilities of a dog owner, activities with dogs, and the backgrounds of various breeds.

It’s always a fun event, with educational booths, a puppy match and some interesting vendors. For the date of the next Canine Learning Experience, visit our Event Calendar.

canine learning awardAmazingCanineLearningcanine learning award 2

Canine Septemberfest – each fall

In the fall, in conjunction with the AKC’s Respoonsible Dog Ownership campaign, the PRKC holds a Canine Septemberfest which features an AKC match show where folks can get their dogs ready for serious competition as well as educational actiivties, which have included handouts, lectures, health clinics and more. This is a great way to introduce our local community to the world of purebred dog activities and teach the general public about being responsible dog owners.

Farm to Fun – Dogs Do It All

The PRKC was instrumental in starting this program held each year as part of the great PA Farm Show.  The first program was to a standing room only crowd and focused on the original purpose of the breeds and how those traits are found in today’s dogs and featured demonstrations on herding,  man trailing Bloodhounds, and police work with K9 officers.

Student Art Contest

In an effort to teach youngsters about the responsibilities and rewards of owning a dog, the Penn Ridge Kennel Club sponsored a student art contest at a local school….here are some of the works of the younger children who depicted how to care for a dog.

student art 3student art 3student art 4
student art 6student art 7