Supporting the Purebred Dog Since 1954

Charitable Donations


Penn Ridge is proud to be able to give back to the dog community as a result of the success of our events throughout the year.  Each year the club makes donations to several dog related charities.

In recent years the two main beneficiaries of our donations have been Take the Lead, which helps terminally/chronically ill people in the sport, and the AKC George Ward Scholarship Fund to help the youth in our sport with their educational needs.

scholarship check 004We have also donated to the AKC/CAR Disaster and Relief fund to help victims of major catastrophe such as post 9/11 and Hurricane Katrina, local animal relief organizations, to organizations for canine health research, the Ronald McDonald House, and more.

charitable donations pic2A donation is also made each year to the Harrisburg Kennel Club K9 Foundations, to aid in meeting the expenses of the Harrisburg K9 Police Officers by supplying dog food, veterinary care, equipment and more to these valued members of the city’s police force.

The annual charity fundraiser at our shows each August has become the main source of contributions, and to supplement the work of the PRKC in raising funds for our events and our charities the Penn Ridge Kennel Club Charitable Foundation was formed as a 501(c)3 nonprofit to enable tax credits for private donations. In the last six years the The Penn Ridge Kennel Club Charitable Foundation, Inc. and Penn Ridge Kennel Club have donated over $150,000 to the charities that benefit dogs and dog people. We are proud of the work of the Foundation and the PRKC and thankful to all those who support our efforts to help others.

If you would like to help with the work of the Penn Ridge Kennel Club Charitable Foundation by making a donation in any amount, please click here for donation form.